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    Port Chester Residents to Vote on 2018 PCMS Bond Project

    The Port Chester School District asks community residents to vote on a vital, comprehensive $12.5 million BOND PROJECT for much-needed renovations to Port Chester Middle School’s building exterior on Tuesday, FEBRUARY 6, 2018. This project primarily addresses the recent emergency safety work and necessary reconstruction at Port Chester Middle School for a long-term, safe and cost-effective solution.

    The PCMS Safety Project will resolve emergency safety concerns by removing the exterior concrete cantilevers, repairing pedestrian bridges and replacing stairwell fire safety doors. The district/school will see an annual 8% energy   savings, thanks to the replacement of the 50-year-old single-pane windows with state-of-the-art energy-efficient insulated windows. A smaller portion of the project also addresses two delayed projects on other campuses: installing ADA-compliant hand rails at Edison School and upgrading the high school auditorium’s audio system.

    Port Chester Middle School is a National Blue Ribbon award-winning school (2005), that currently serves approximately 1,000 students in grades 6-8. The Board of Education approved the Bond Project at its December meeting and now shares it with district residents for their consideration this winter season.

     Please view the attached PDF for more information.

  • Pledge to Vote: PCMS Bond 2018

    Our district would love to see a record turnout in February for the Port Chester Middle School’s Bond Project.

    If you plan to vote on Feb. 6, please submit your pledge to and let us know! Kindly include your name in the email.

    Voting takes place in the Port Chester Middle School gymnasium (located at 113 Bowman Avenue) from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

    For more information about the PCMS Bond Project, click here.

    To RSVP to the event on Facebook, click here.

    For additional questions, kindly contact the Port Chester District Office.  

  • Pup Pipi Crowned in PCMS’ Cutest Pet Contest as Students Show Generous Spirit

    From a flock of adorable dogs and cats, students at Port Chester Middle School crowned Pipi – a rat terrier, Pomeranian, miniature pincher and pitbull mix – as the cutest pet.

    During December, cheerful students voted in the “Cutest Pet Contest,” which consisted of 34 dogs and cats owned by PCMS staff members. Each child donated $1 to cast a vote – and raised over $600, which was given to Pet Rescue, a pet adoption service in Harrison. The winner, Pipi, is owned by physical education teacher Melissa Piccola.

    As a surprise, on Dec. 22, the PCMS auditorium was visited by a handful of adorable furry friends - puppies to adult dogs. The students were bright with excitement, kneeling down to cuddle with them. Others giggled, overjoyed to pet and feed them treats. While some of the dogs belonged to Port Chester staff members, most were available to adopt from Pet Rescue.

    The initiative was spearheaded by the PCMS physical education staff from the desire to give back to the local community. Mr. Michael Bonanno had never owned a dog until two years ago when he adopted his Norwich terrier.

    “The children saw how important the lives of pets are,” he said. “My dog changed my life. In class, we talk about stress management and how dogs can help with relaxation. This event is also about giving back to others.”

    The money raised was donated to Pet Rescue to help increase awareness for animal adoptions. In addition, students and staff also donated pet food, blankets, beds and toys to help the animals currently at the organization.

    PCMS Principal Patrick Swift was proud of his students for their willingness to donate, praising their kind-heartedness and saying that the children always share with the community at any opportunity. Pet Rescue's Judith Roth attended the event and was also grateful for PCMS' caring nature.

    “We are so overwhelmed by the students’ generosity,” she said. “Through the school’s support, we are able to save dogs and give them a home.”

  • Port Chester Programs Receive Funding for Student Success

    Two of Port Chester Public Schools’ partner programs were awarded Westchester County Youth Bureau “Invest in Kids” grants.

    In late-December, the organization granted “One World” and “Steer for Student-Athletes” with funding for a three-year period, beginning in 2018. Each program will receive approximately $45,000 each year.

    The One World program, “Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders,” helps Port Chester Schools to further its character education program, which was initiated last year (with assistance from the Harvard Think Tank on Global Competence). The funding will also support the implementation of the nation’s leading character education program,

    Funding for the Steer for Student-Athletes program will support the expansion of existing programs in Port Chester Public Schools. The program provides support services – including giving social, academic and athletic assistance to student-athletes in order to graduate – and prepares them for further education into college and careers.

    “Our district is pleased and proud to continue our partnerships to bring high-quality and effective support programming to our students,” said Joe Durney, Port Chester’s Deputy Superintendent. “These organizations support district initiatives that have proven effective. We are delighted that this funding will further our mission to ensure our students’ success.”

  • Information about E-Cigarettes, Drug-Free Campuses

    Please read this important letter from Port Chester High School’s principal, Dr. Mitchell Combs, about e-cigarettes and maintaining a drug-free campus.

     Parents are invited to two upcoming information sessions:

    • February 27: Open House Parent Q&A (from 4-6:30 p.m. in Room 103)
    • March 28: “Setting Limits for Your Child” presentation (from 4-5 p.m. in PCHS library)
  • Our New Superintendent’s Corner Shares District’s Message

    Visit our new Superintendent’s Corner to learn more about Dr. Edward Kliszus and the issues that are important to the district.

    You can find his overarching message and Twitter feed, along with updates about advocacy and upcoming bonds.

  • Help Us Obtain Our Rightful School Foundation Aid

    Foundation Aid was established a decade ago to ensure that all students receive their constitutionally guaranteed right to a sound and basic education, regardless of their zip code. The failure to adhere to the original 2007-08 Foundation Aid formula has cut our state aid by more than $168 million over 10 years. This comes at a time when costs have risen and our enrollment has grown by more than 800 students.

    Help us obtain our rightful school aid by contacting state-elected officials and others who influence state funding for education. Parents can help by signing a petition.

  • Port Chester Schools Collaborates on Interfaith MLK Commemorative Event

    Local leaders in the Port Chester community, including Port Chester Schools Superintendent Edward Kliszus, recently gathered to organize the Interfaith Martin Luther King Jr. commemorative event.

    This is the fourth year of the event, which celebrates Dr. King’s legacy. This year’s commemorative ceremony will be held on Sunday, Jan. 21 at 6 p.m. Community members are invited to St. Frances AME Zion Church, located at 18 Smith St.

    In addition to readings of Dr. King’s work, the celebration will include a keynote speech by the Rev. James Furman of Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church and a special performance by Port Chester Middle School’s 8th-grade chorus. The Rev. Helen Taylor and Nina Jones will receive the 2018 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Commemoration Committee Humanitarian awards.

    The organizing interfaith committee is composed of All Souls Presbyterian Church, Bethel Sounds of Praise, Bethesda Baptist, Christ Episcopal Church, Congregation Kneses Tifereth Israel, Girtman Memorial, Holy Rosary Roman Catholic, Mount Zion Baptist, Rye Presbyterian, St. Frances AME Zion, St. Paul’s Lutheran, St. Peter’s Episcopal, and Port Chester Public Schools. Additional parking is provided by St. Peter’s Episcopal Church (just north of St. Frances) and refreshments are provided by nearby Neri’s Bakery.

  • PCMS Wins Khan Academy Prize

    Port Chester Middle School has been awarded a $500 prize from Khan Academy for excelling in a six-week challenge called LearnStorm.  Thousands of schools participated in this year’s challenge and only 33 were recognized for going “above and beyond.”  The PCMS Math Department uses Khan Academy in classrooms for skills practice and to allow students to go beyond what they are learning in the classroom. 

  • Add Our Calendars to Your Device

    Here's everything you need to know about adding our school or district calendars to your personal devices


Smart Schools Investment Plan Second Submission

In terms of fulfilling the Port Chester­ Rye UFSD mission statement, “Success for Every Student,” our NYSED Approved Technology Plan Survey included long term goals regarding instructional technology. Our students need sufficient technology skills and competencies to ensure that they are college and career ready and this includes the ability to work in a collaborative, dynamic and secure on­line environment. After much research, stakeholder’s surveys and in classroom pilots, we decided that the best way to facilitate the use of Virtual Learning Spaces and Electronic Resources is through the use of Google Classroom and eChalk. In order to build capacity for this change our network has been upgraded to meet and exceed the required standard of 100 mbps per 1,000 students.   In addition, we have ubiquitous district wide wireless Internet connectivity. However, it was determined the Smart School Bond Act district allocated funds ($1,736,663) will be used to increase and replace student computer devices.

Justification of Need

With an IT infrastructure in place that will support instruction, our District Technology Plans includes as a priority and objective, an appropriate computer device replacement and refreshment program for student classroom instruction and testing.

 Therefore in alignment with this objective, we will use the Smart Schools funding to procure chromebooks to replace and increase student computer devices. With an adoption of GAfE (Google Apps for Education) platform, additional devices will ensure student access to cloud based instructional materials, digital citizenship, and anytime anywhere access to collaboration.

Smart Schools Investment Plan Goals (Alignment with Tech Plan Survey)

In order to fulfill its educational mission, our school district has prioritized the following long¬term goals:

  1. Provide every student with a computing device and connectivity to enable them to access a full range of educational technology tools and learning opportunities.
  2. Ensure and provide additional learning opportunities that can be accessed anytime and anywhere.
  3. Provide with an educational environment with ubiquitous access to assessment tools and data that will inform teaching and improve learning.
  4. Improve teaching and learning; including all students such as English language learners and newcomers to this country; by increasing outreach to parents, the community, and the world.

In order to achieve these goals the district continues to:

  • Create leaders at all levels
  • Provide online learning for students and teachers
  • Implement“pedagogy first”,“access for all”initiatives
  • Infuse data into classroom decision¬making
  • Converge network applications
  • Implement software“virtualization”and remote support tools
  • Develop long ¬term software, hardware and infrastructure acquisition and Fiscal Forecast
  • Commit to purchasing web¬ based instructional software
  • Support interactive telecommunication technologies
  • Implement procedures to clean and maintain all data in district systems
  • Implement a security audit to ensure that all data, data systems, and technology assets are secure and to ensure disaster recovery capability.

Purchase Plan and Allocation

The district's plans to purchase 992 Dell Chromebook11 Devices, 992 Google Chrome OS Management Console Licenses and  33 Dell Mobile Charging Carts.

Dell Chromebook 11 3180 Specs:
Dell Chromebook 11 3180, BTX
JR Intel Celeron N3060 Processor with 4GB Memory and 16GB SSD
US Int Dell KB216 Wired English Keyboard Black 1
Primary 3-Cell 42W/HR Battery
11.6" HD Non-Touch LCD 1
LCD Cover, Non-Touch (Black)

We have also met the requirements of the SSBA Guidance in terms of gathering input from our school community, stakeholders and non public schools. The school district will provide with a loan program for these devices to be shared with non public schools following on the guidance and acceptable use policies.


The district plans to support the purchase of any non eligible items indicated above via other local funds.  The district will seek reimbursement through the SSBA for only eligible items indicated above per the most recent available January 12, 2017 NYSED Guidance.


Once the Investment Plan is approved by the State, equipment will be purchased in accordance with the District’s purchasing policies.  Once the equipment arrives the IT staff will prioritize the inventorying and provisioning of the equipment.   Based on the proposed quantities, equipment should be in place and operational within 30 days of its arrival.

The district will include this new equipment in its existing inventory database and monitor it to ensure equipment is securely maintained in its designated locations. The District’s comprehensive asset insurance policy and Disaster Recovery Plan will also be updated to reflect the additional equipment.

This document has been posted to the District’s website as required by the Smart School Bond Implementation Guidance by the New York State Education Department in order to invite public input prior to the adoption of this plan by the Port Chester ­Rye UFSD Board of Education.   Public input can be submitted to the following email address: